January 17. - June 9. 2020

As a whole, an accountant's primary responsibility is to account for the earnings and funds for a business or individual. Accounting uses various bases of measurement, mainly the cash basis, the accrual basis (or historical cost), and variations of these.

January 21. - June 9. 2020

January 21. 2020 - June 9. 2020

Welcome to Filing and Records Management.  This course is an overview of records management which involves practical fundamentals of records management, basic filing principles, procedures, and systems. Emphasis is on non-correspondence records, information storage, and retrieval systems; management aspects of records retention, disposition, and the operation of a records management program.

Please take your time to read the course syllabus. 

January 21. 2020 - June 9. 2020

This office course bridges the gap between the basic skills courses and current office practices. The course is designed to develop the knowledge and skill necessary for success in the workplace and to develop a competency in administrative and office support tasks such as telephone, records management, mail, financial records, and presentations. 

This course has two components. For certification student also need to complete and pass all Microsoft Office 2013, applications. (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access)